Health Precautions

B.C. health officials have lifted the Province’s mask mandate. Face coverings are no longer required except in some settings such as mass transit, airports and medical offices. While we no longer ask for proof of vaccination, Alert Bay Lodge will continue to take steps to provide for your comfort, safety and health during your stay.

With this in mind, some may prefer social distancing. One of the unique features of the Lodge is its size: 3000 sq. ft. shared by four suites. The Great Room alone is 1400 sq. ft. with several nooks by the fire, the TV, and library.

In addition to the large personal space this feature provides, if requested, we can also schedule breakfast and dinner sittings for up to two suites at our two separate dining tables. If you like, you can request a preferred dining time in the “Comments” section of your booking form. Generally, breakfast is served between 7:00 – 8:30 am and dinner between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. You can also call the lodge at 250.974.2410.

Hand sanitizing soap with at least 60% alcohol will be available in each room as will boxes off tissues. And, of course, we will scrupulously clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Rooms between check-ins are thoroughly cleaned and aired.

In addition to following guidance from the World Health Organization. we encourage you to review local travel recommendations and restrictions which are noted on our links page.

Scott and Nina Bonner